Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photo restoration #1

A photo restoration I did some time ago. The photo is from about 1920 and the girls from bottom left, going clockwise: Selina PATTEN (nee AVERY) my grandmother, Muriel COMBO (nee AVERY), Ellen BROWN (nee AVERY), Carrie ROBERTS (nee AVERY).


Rosie Cotton said...

Nicely done John. What program did you use to restore the photos? I dont have any old family photos , yet, but hoping to recive some soon per a promise made by my aunt shortly before she pased away last month.
Tammy Renee

John Patten said...

Thanks Tammy, much appreciated! For any photo editing job, I use Adobe Photoshop exclusively.

If I find there's interest, I'll look to providing a step by step tutorial for the most common processes involved, which in most cases be replicated in free Photoshop alternatives like Gimp (PC, Mac and Linux) and Seashore (Mac).

Good luck with your Aunt's photos! I'm sure in your hands they will be with someone who will treat them as the gold they are.