Monday, August 10, 2009

Subject Matter

I suppose the first question that begs to be asked is - why? Is there a particular need for this blog? Is the world screaming out to hear or read what I have to say? No, I guess not, but I think someone, somewhere, might hopefully find some of its content of interest.

I've been researching my family tree for about, oh.. 5-6 years - or there bouts. In that time perhaps the one element that has been missing in this adventure of mine is the social interaction that most other hobbies and obsessions can bring, in one form or another.

For the greatest part genealogy hasn't been like that. Not for me anyway. I've delved deep into archives, flung myself into library and internet forums and read many books, but generally I've asked few questions openly, and instead have gone looking for published answers, sidestepping healthy debate and conversation, seeing it often as an unnecessary diversion of time. Was this the right way to go? Probably not, but it certainly wasn't the wrong way. I've enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, and have unearthed a great deal, but it's been a solitary effort. So, it would be nice to not only share what I've learnt, and swap stories, but to learn about the efforts of others that share this hobby, be they solitary dimly lit room dwellers, or social butterflies flocking to the new wave of social networking websites for genealogists.

So what I'm going to do is get out there, and where time allows me this luxury, I'm going to find the best genealogy blogs the web has to offer, share some tips (some of them obscure), offer an occasional helping hand and in the process I'm going to have one hell of a fun time!

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