Wednesday, September 23, 2009

William MORTIMER, Where art thou - Part II

After my visit to the Genealogical Society of Victoria’ library earlier this week, I’ve come a little closer to cracking the mystery that is my William MORTIMER. Whilst he does remain somewhat elusive, I now feel a lot more confident about my abilities to track him down, given that I now have access to a much wider array of resources at the GSV and have partially cracked an associated brick wall.

Originally working within the premise that William MORTIMER and his wife Johannah Hazel MORTIMER (nee BLACK or BLACKALL/BLACKHALL), had been marked somewhat accurately in their shipping records, where stating that they had been born respectively in “North Allerton Devon” and Winchester, I now know that the latter is incorrect.

Via the East Sussex parish records, I’ve now located William and Johannah’s marriage, in 1829, at the parish of Hollington, Sussex, which opens itself up as yet another possible interpretation for William’s possible place of birth (North Hollington?).

Searching through the Sussex marriages index, I also located Johannah’s baptism in 1805, and she was born at Winchelsea, Sussex, rather than Winchester as had been indicated on her shipping record. Johannah’s name on the marriage record however provided the most interesting clue, being “Joanna Haisell BLACKHALL”. Haisell, rather than Hazel. This record not only confirmed that Johannah’s surname was indeed BLACKALL/BLACKHALL, but also that her parents names “William & Elizabeth BLACKALL” as indicated on the shipping record are accurate, with their own marriage having been documented in the parish records at Winchelsea in 1810, being the marriage of William BLACKALL and Elizabeth HAISELL.

William and Johannah’s daughters’ baptism records also came to light, with those being in the parish of St.Mary in the Castle, and were as follows” Matilda 1830, Harriet 1831, Johanna 1834, Mary 1835.

Further to the above, when I arrived home from the library, I did a google search, and found in the UK National Archives the following:

Bastardy examination PAR511/34/1/59 12 Jan 1803
Former reference: PAR511/34/1/59

Elizabeth Haisell, singlewoman, charges William Blackall of Winchelsea, servant, as father of her bastard daughter born at the house of Thomas Hailsell on 18 Oct 1802


Vestry resolution PAR511/34/1/58 13 Jan 1803
Former reference: PAR511/34/1/58

Agreed that William Blackall shall pay 2s 6d and Elizabeth Haisell 6d towards the maintenance of Amy, their bastard child

So now I know from these, along with several other mentions in the records that:

William BLACKALL a servant of Dr. A. SCOTT of Winchelsea, and Elizabeth HAISELL had a child called Amy circa 1801 (baptised in 1802). I also know that Elizabeth at the time was living in the home of a Thomas HAISELL, and that after closer inspection he appears to be her father, with Elizabeth STONEHAM her mother. Thomas and Elizabeth appear also to have had at least four other children, as documented in parish records at

Having also searched using a combination of above surnames, I have also found William MORTIMER in 1840, being paid a handsome sum for stonework done for the church, in the parish of his residence, St. Mary in the Castle, a year prior to going to Sydney NSW to “work on the new Church” there.

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