Friday, October 23, 2009

From the Archives: Cummeragunja - Part III

From the Melbourne Argus, 18 March 1939. My great Uncle, George Patten, speaking on behalf of black Australia, a few days after the arrest of his brother, Jack (my grandfather), at Cummeragunja.

Moved by an aborigine's description ofconditions among his people, MelbourneUniversity students yesterday decided toapproach the Premier of New South Wales to seek an independent inquiry into the administration of the Aborigines' Protection Board.
Mr. George Patten addressing members of the University Labour Club said that although aborigines were retarded in their education and allowed to rise only to the third grade, they had shown marked aptitude for education at the mission stations. Dr. Donald Thomson was he said, the only anthropologist to plead for them but his suggestions had not been accepted by the Government.   

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