Sunday, October 18, 2009

SNGF - A Family's Increase

As per usual, I’m late with my reply to the ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun’, as has been dished up by Randy Seaver over on his blog, but as everyone knows; it’s never too late to have fun!

In his latest offering, Randy asked:

1) Pick one of your four great-grandparents - if possible, the one with the most descendants.

2) Create a descendants list for those great-grandparents either by hand or in your software program.

3) Tell us how many descendants, living or dead, are in each generation from those great-grandparents.

4) How many are still living? Of those, how many have you met and exchanged family information with? Are there any that you should make contact with ASAP? Please don't use last names of living people for this - respect their privacy.

5) Write about it in your own blog post, in comments to this post, or in comments or a Note on Facebook.

1.       I’ve chosen my great grandparent’s on my direct paternal line, John James PATTEN b. 1874 – d. 1942, and Christina Mary MIDDLETON b. 1885 – d. 1954.

2.       I made a descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2006 (I’ve tried every later version, and still prefer 2006).
3.       Their descendants, as best as I can tell, number in each generation as follows:

1.       Children: 16 (none living, last died in 1983)
2.       Grand Children:  26
3.       Great Grand Children:  39
4.       2 x Great Grand Children: 37
5.       3 x Great Grand Children: 5

4.       With every generation there are gaps yet to be filled. Records have clearly pointed to my great parents having had 16 children, with only 6 of those having reached adulthood, but I can find records naming only 11 of the children.

The grand children are easiest to trace, but I know that there are still gaps in this generation.
I’ve met most of those that are still living, from each generation.

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